Dougs Forrest

 Concept and Design,  Modeling (Maya/ZBrush), Textures/Materials, Lighting, Camera.  Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Dougs Forrest 1
Dougs Forrest 2
Dougs Forrest 3

Ravage model:    Geo built in Maya, Maps made with ZBrush, Rendered with Mental Ray, Composited with Nuke


 Docking Mechanism

Modeling / Look Dev / Lighting

This entire design is my own. The line on the canvas was to make it look something like an arm for a space ship to magnetically dock with. 

GRACKLE: Light Fighter 

 Concept and Design,  Modeling (Maya/ZBrush), Textures/Materials, Lighting & Look Dev, Animation, Camera, Comp. 


Maya viewport 2.0 playblast: Look Dev/Lighting/Animation/Cameras

Substance Painter Viewport


 iOi Stockcar (Virtual Production Model)

Modeling, Texturing. Used in real-time on the set of Ready Player One to help actors performances and so Steven Spielberg could shoot Vcam on the race scenes



VAD Environment Modeler & Mocap 


 Concept/Design is my own.  Modeled and Textured in ZBrush. The VR sandbox I was playing in asked for a Leviathan creature with some flowy parts and a beastly but not too menacing look to it.



 Concept and Design,  Modeling (Maya), Textures/Materials, Lighting, Camera, Compositing.   

 The Plate is a photo I snapped with my cell phone on Manhattan Beach 



Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Compositing & a paintover for the stills

Jungle Environment

Jungle Environment: All models, textures, and environment design are my own (2013)

When Junglebook was first awarded to virprod at Digital Domain I was asked to make a Unity Jungle scene. This was my first time using Unity. 

Hostile Environment Suit 

This was a 5 hour CG Society speed modeling challenge I did from 2010 or before. 

I believe the concept came from Massive Black

Modeling, Textures/Materials, Rendering (mental ray), Compositing