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Masonite Doors

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Project: Masonite Penguins
Agency: Jacobson/Rost
Post Production: Hotel Studios, Utopic
Directors: Billy Federighi & Brett Snider
Executive Producers: Ryan Lough, Heather Mitchell
Post Producers: Benjamin Rednour, Lauren Gray

VFX Sups/Lighting/Rendering: Jon Tojek & Robb Gardner
Editor: Tim Kloehn
Editing Assist: Scott Ackerlund
Cinematographer: Jason Chiu
on-set VFX supervisor: Randy McEntee
Character Design: Federico Sgroi
Animation/Previs: James Bennett, Ben Sanders
Rigging: Thomas Bittner
Environments/Assets: Ivan Joy, David McMahon
3D Generalist C4D/Rendering: Dmitry Fedorov
FX TD: Michael Hall

For more information please visit this blog with BTS and more details.

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