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The Perfect Place: Amazon AWS / Here (Maya, Substance Painter, Redshift)

Project Type



April 2023

Modelling/Textures/Shaders/LookDev for:
White Van: Textures/Shaders/LookDev
Dino: Slight modeling adjustments, Textures/Shaders/LookDev
Road and traffic Island: Textures/Shaders/LookDev
Soccerball Car: Texture/Shaders/Lookdev
Flying Future Car & Lazer Gun: Modelling/Textures/Shaders/LookDev
Space Marines: Textures & Shaders
Space Marine Guns: Modelling/Textures/Look Dev
Amazon Delivery Drones: Modelling/Textures/Shaders/LookDev

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