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HighLight Reel : 2014

Welcome to the scariest place on the internet

I've decided to show this stuff because I'm still proud of some of the things on here, and ya know what? Meh, why not show this stuff off? I'm an artist man...I like to be diverse. 



NYELA Motion graphics 3d Projection
Motion Graphics
3d Projection Mapping

   I was blessed to be invited by the city of Los Angeles and Idea Giants to help design and animate the inaugural new years eve projection light show. This event was free for all ages and I was tasked with delivering vivid, interesting, and artistic design oriented animations. I was over the moon to be a part of it and I still consider it to be one of my favorite projects. 

    Los Angeles first EVER


    New Years Eve Event. 

Compositing & Paint

Nuke Paint Compositing
The Foundrys Nuke Paint Compositing
Paint Compositing
Paint Compositing Rotoscoping


Converted 2d plates into Stereo 3d

Stereo 3d
Stereo Conversion
3d Conversion
Stereo 3d

Stereo & Stereo Conversion Compositing

3d Glasses
Active 3d Glasses
passive 3d Glasses
Stereo Conversion

HighLight Reel : 2012

Zbrush sculpt

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